Lucky Leech Mini White/Orange
Lucky Leech Mini White/Orange

Lucky Leech Mini White/Orange

Regular price17,10 kr
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  • recommended retail price - 39,95 kr
  • 5.5 CM - 2.1"
  • 7 pc

  • 99% of our residual material is reused
  • Made in Denmark ūüá©ūüáį
  • REACH and EU-certified
Lucky Leech is an excellent all-around bait that is built with a slightly smaller body profile than some of our other baits. With Lucky Leech, we designed it to be ultra lively in the water. We have made a longer and narrower tail root, to get the most possible movement out of the bait. At the end of the tail sits a larger flap, creating some weight as well as movemen.. The body of built up of slats, all the way down to the tail flap.

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